some mousefollow vectorial autopaintings
a roughly sketch-pad painted and visualized by hj.kropp

select an animation by clicking the filename on the navigation frame located down

the file-sizes are between 30 kb and 400 kb
please notice: no preloaders are integrated,
so have a look at your browser's progressbar,
to realize whether the selected animation is loaded,
before you start to interact

set your cursor unhurriedly on any position at your browser's screen.
this activates a variation of the selected swf-autopaint
no additionally mouseclick is required
to refresh the painting: slide your mouse slowly into a new position
and see what happends

to generate new compositions: restart the autopainting once more by
clicking the filename on the navigation-bar again

all soundloops made with ABSYNTH
animations made with FLASH

get swf-plugin here, if nothing happened

© 2002-03 hj.kropp – artional new media design
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new-born autopainting
last edit: 16.10.2003